Welcome to THE DOULA GUIDE blog!
My name is Ananda Lowe and I am co-author of The Doula Guide to Birth:  Secrets Every Pregnant Woman Should Know, published by Bantam Books/Random House. 
I am a U.S. doula seeking to strengthen parents and the doula community locally, nationally, and internationally.  Since 1995, my roles have included Assistant Director of a national doula organization (ALACE/toLabor), pregnancy massage expert, college major in Maternal Child Health/Lactation Consulting, mother--and of course, doula. 
I believe that new parents are vulnerable as well as strong, and that they deserve advocates who look out for the interests of their families.  Sometimes, a doula is the only person who is completely at liberty to take on that role.  At the same time, no one doula can do it alone.  There needs to be a revolution in support for parents and for doulas.
This blog is intended to be a uniquely beneficial resource.  In addition to sharing my own perspectives, I publish the best writings of other authors with something essential to say about birth.  I hope we can be useful to you. 

I appreciate your support of this blog, and of my book.  Thank you for visiting, and my best wishes on your birthing journey.