“Ananda Lowe and Rachel Zimmerman are the perfect duo to bring The Doula Guide to Birth into life…an encouraging, informative and dynamic book for every pregnant woman to devour….Real advice from real women who have real experience, a passion for birth and a doula's heart for helping all families have great beginnings.  Thank you for giving the world this gift.”
—Barbara Harper, RN, Founder/Director, Waterbirth International, and author of Gentle Birth Choices

“I loaned this book to my pregnant best friend… She didn’t want to give it back, and only did so when I promised to return it to her.”
—Marjorie Greenfield MD, author of The Working Woman's Pregnancy Book and Associate Professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Case School of Medicine and University Hospitals of Cleveland

“Every expectant mother deserves access to the information, wisdom, and support so lovingly and masterfully offered in this book. If I could give every mother-to-be a gift it would be The Doula Guide to Birth because reading it will give them some of the experience of how it feels to be lovingly supported by a doula."
—Pam Leo, author of Connection Parenting

“Throughout history doulas have been an important link to help women through labor and the bleary-eyed days postpartum. Finally, a resource that clearly and convincingly explains the science and the common sense of why we need doulas today more than ever. An excellent book!”

“Being among the first to teach doulas to support laboring women and the author of the first book on the role of the birth doula, I am glad to see The Doula Guide to Birth added to the ranks of books available to childbearing women and was even more excited to read the knowledge the authors are sharing with their readers- pregnant women.”

"Doulas play an increasingly popular and important role on the maternity scene today…The Doula Guide To Birth is a comprehensive and thoughtful book that describes exactly what doulas do, how doulas work, how they can improve your childbirth experience, and how you can incorporate a doula into your labor and delivery plans. Highly recommended to all pregnant women who wish to be fully informed about their options."
—William Camann, MD, Co-author, Easy Labor