Friday, September 28, 2012


Welcome to THE DOULA GUIDE blog.
My name is Ananda Lowe and I am co-author of The Doula Guide to Birth:  Secrets Every Pregnant Woman Should Know, published by Bantam Books.  Since 1995, I have worked with childbirth professionals and new parents throughout North America and beyond.  My roles have included Assistant Director of a national doula training organization, pregnancy massage expert, Lamaze-trained childbirth instructor, college major in Maternal Child Health, mother, and of course, doula. 

My goal here is to provide you with encouragement and highly useful information as you prepare to welcome your newborn baby, or as you fulfill your calling as a doula (whether you are a novice or veteran).
Some of my passions include:  improving the way second stage (pushing the baby out) is handled; the role of physical fitness in shorter and easier births; changing the world of childbirth classes so parents are educated about doulas just as much as epidurals; helping doulas create sustainable business models and prevent burnout as they work intensively with families; and making it comfortable and safe for mothers to breastfeed in locations outside of the home.
I look forward to making this blog a uniquely beneficial resource for doulas and parents.