Friday, June 14, 2013

Holistic Fertility

I am pleased to announce an online event beginning this weekend called "Fertility Secrets," created by Mary Goyer, MS, Holistic Fertility Specialist.  Listen to interviews with 20 experts on using the mind-body connection to support healthy fertility.  You may listen live on June 14-16 and 22-23, or listen to recordings of the interviews afterward.  To register for this exciting, FREE program, visit  Mary Goyer describes the event below.

Top fertility experts offer their best advice for free!

~ Figure Out Your Individualized "Get-Pregnant" Plan
~ Radically Boost Your Body's Fertility Factors
~ Conceive in as few as 12 weeks

You're in the right place if you:
  • Are scared that you won't ever get to be a mom...
  • Have already been through a lot of painful procedures (emotionally and physically) and struggle to stay positive…
  • Don’t have anyone in your world who really gets what you’re going through…
  • Are facing daunting statistics… 

I understand what it’s like to sit in a doctor’s office...and hear that things aren’t right. Years ago, I was hit with a diagnosis of cervical cancer right in the middle of graduate school. I knew next to nothing about holistic medicine (nutrition, supplements, body-mind connections, etc.). But I learned...and I managed to heal holistically within the course of three months without surgery, radiation, or chemo.

Since then, I've seen hundreds of women experience their own fertility-related miracles ~ as they learn exactly how to re-open places in their bodies that have probably been shut down for years and years...

Now it's your turn to create your miracle!
So that's why I've brought together a team of my favorite go-to holistic fertility experts to share their wisdom in the Fertility Secrets ~ Online Speaker Summit.

20 Experts Will Spill Their BEST Secrets On: 


  • Healing the grief of miscarriage
  • Talking to the docs - a panel of doctors answers your questions
  • Removing the "hidden" emotional blocks to fertility
  • Natural remedies for PCOS & hormonal imbalances
  • The environmental toxins that hurt fertility the most
  • Fertility foods - the simple program for conception
  • Connecting with your baby's spirit
  • Men's health - improving your swimmers & other male fertility factors
  • Communication with your partner to keep the magic alive in your relationship during your fertility journey
  • Hypno-fertility
  • Mindfulness and fertility rituals to support you spiritually
  • Herbs and nutrition - reversing the "age" of your eggs
  • Yoga for fertility
  • Sex talk: fertility in the bedroom
  • Regulating your period naturally so you can get pregnant
  • Tantra in the doctor's office 

Don't Miss Out! 

When you listen to this Online Event you'll:


  1. Learn how to eliminate "infertility"  overwhelm and stay balanced - from the comfort of your living room sofa.
  2. Master the basics that must be a foundation to your fertility approach - whether you're pursuing ARTs, alternative medicine, or a combo of the two.
  3. See how YOU can shift stress & desperation during your fertility journey into peace, trust, and A PLAN that supports you physically as well as emotionally.
  4. Learn all that needs to be detoxed from your life (body, mind, & emotions).
  5. Dramatically increase your chances of conceiving and carrying a full-term pregnancy. 
  6. Learn strategies for those times you want to give up.
  7. Meet an hand-picked variety of experts who will be giving you GOLD!
And much more.  See for yourself! 

I invite you to listen to your heart ~ and stand in your YES!

I hope you’ll give yourself this invaluable fertility resource. Taking this step now on your fertility journey will save you hours of research time, connect you with more resources than you knew existed, and provide you the support you need so that your body can relax and rebalance.

I invite you to say YES now, from your heart, to these calls that will support and guide you on your path towards growing your family.

My warmest wishes for your health and fertility,

Mary Goyer, MS
Holistic Fertility Specialist

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