Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Doula Mentoring Group: PAY WHAT YOU CAN!

One of my favorite colleagues, doula backup partners and friends, Maria Dolorico, M.Ed., is launching an exciting new mentoring group for doulas of all backgrounds. Maria is a highly experienced doula, mother, mental health counselor, life coach, and group leader, with a professional focus on postpartum adjustment, as well as personal renewal for doulas and new moms. Her group will be conducted by telephone conference call, meeting 7 times, and begins on September 16, 2013.  To learn more about Maria, click here.  See below for more details about this group.

A Mom Is Born presents:

Group Mentoring and Coaching for Doulas!

Why a Coaching and Mentoring Group? 
Doula work is a job like no other -- we have an on-call lifestyle, keep odd and irregular hours, and work with clients in a uniquely intimate way. We bring our hearts into our work, and so professional peer relationships to support us are important, especially as we navigate the tricky line between our work as care-givers and its effect on our personal lives, histories, and development. Our work affects us deeply, yet it is difficult to cultivate outside relationships when a woman in labor takes priority over anything else! How often have you wanted to meet other doulas, but can't because someone is in labor? Or because you've just returned from a birth and need to sleep, or because you need to pick up the pieces of your family life that you cast aside when that call came? This group mentoring and coaching experience is for birth and postpartum doulas of all ages and stages in their careers, with the convenience of being held anywhere you are via conference call.

What exactly is it?
The mentoring and coaching group will be a small group (4-6 doulas), conducive to sharing, familiarity, and honesty. It will meet via teleconference.

There will be 7 semi-monthly coaching and mentoring sessions of 60 minutes each. During these sessions, we will debrief our work with clients, discuss case studies and business strategies, and provide one another with feedback and suggestions. I will be not only facilitating the discussion, but providing mentoring by drawing on my experience as a birth doula in Boston. Intrinsic to me facilitating this group is life coaching that supports self-care and empowerment in a field with a very high burn-out rate. You will be immersed in a safe community where you can support each other and grow.

In between mentoring and coaching calls, there will be a private forum for online interaction among participants, creating a safe community where doulas can support each other, learn from one another, and grow - both professionally and emotionally.

Also available is an add-on option: 2 or 4 private coaching sessions with me.

What do you mean, "Pay What You Can?"
I mean exactly that -- pay what you can. My hourly rate for group coaching and individual sessions can be found easily on my Web site, but I want you to pay what you can, and I won't ask any questions. What is a group like this worth to you? How much do you spend a day on little treats that make you feel good or well-cared for, like a cup of coffee or a new lipstick? So, really, pay what you can, but more importantly, "Pay What You Value."

Our mentoring and coaching call begins at 10am Eastern time on Monday, September 16th and also September 30th. After that, we begin at 10am on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month until December 9th.

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