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LGBTQ Childbirth Classes and Provider Trainings

For twenty years, MAIA Midwifery & Fertility Services has been at the forefront of serving the LGBTQ community and cultivating expertise in the unique needs of the families they serve.  Books addressing childbirth for alternative families have occasionally appeared over the years, and as I mentioned in my own book, my favorite is the outstanding publication by MAIA co-founder Stephanie Brill, The New Essential Guide to Lesbian Conception, Pregnancy & Birth.  Now at the helm of MAIA is Kristin Kali, nationally-known midwife, trainer and instructor of classes for LGBTQ families and their providers.  Her one-of-a-kind childbirth classes are offered in a weekend format for the convenience of parents local to San Francisco and Los Angeles as well as families who wish to attend from out-of-state.  See below for a listing of MAIA's upcoming events.

Midwives Alliance of North America conference
October 24-27, 2013, Portland, OR
Conference session:  
Providing Culturally Specific Care to LGBTQ Families
Have you cared for LGBTQ families in your practice and feel that these families are no different than any other family?  Are you aware of the issues, and you are ready to build a queer and trans-positive midwifery practice?  In this workshop, find out all that you need to know to provide insightful, culturally sensitive, and population-specific care.  Conception options, donor choices, methods of insemination, and important aspects of preconception care will be discussed.  Understand special considerations for LGBTQ families experiencing infertility, miscarriage and postpartum adjustment issues.  Gain insight into the experience of the non-biological co-Mother, as well as the intersection of sexual identity, pregnancy and birth.
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Training Course:  Providing Culturally Sensitive Care to LGBTQ Famlies in the Childbearing Cycle

This series of classes and workshops for professionals will provide a foundational understanding of the uniqueness of conception, pregnancy, birth and postpartum for lesbian, bisexual and transgender clients. Become a better informed care provider who is able to offer insightful and culturally sensitive care. Come to know the diverse nature of LGBTQ family structures and understand the sources of internalized and external homophobia experienced by LGBTQ parents. Gain insight into the experiences of non-biological parents. Understand the interplay between sexual identity, gender identity, pregnancy and birth. Guidance will be provided for creating a welcoming and affirming practice. Clinical care providers will receive instruction in LGBTQ-specific preconception and insemination care.

2013 Training Course includes:
  • Three Fertility and Conception Classes designed for prospective parents (workshop participants will be observing):
      • Timing is Everything: Monday, October 28 at 6-8pm
      • Living a Fertile Lifestyle: Tuesday, October 29 at 6-8pm
      • All About Sperm: Wednesday, October 30 at 6-8pm
  • A 6-hour Provider Workshop for all care providers: Thursday, October 31 at 8:30am-2:30pm
  • An additional 2.5 hour session for clinical care providers: Thursday, October 31 at 2:30-5:00pm
Cost for 3 Fertility and Conception Classes + Provider Workshop: $250
Late Afternoon Session for Clinical Care Providers Only: $75 additional fee

All classes will be held at:
Community Birth Center
2422 W. Florence Ave, Los Angeles CA 90043
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Childbirth Classes for LGBTQ Families

MAIA’s Childbirth Education class is a one-of-a-kind, deeply moving experience. Both practical and experiential, this class is an experience not to be missed!

Families come together in a positive and affirming space to prepare for labor and birth. Over the course of the weekend, queer issues such as conception stories, gender, and affirmation of the nonbiological parent are woven throughout the childbirth preparation material. Presented with a blend of lecture, group discussion, experiential learning, and inner exploration.

MAIA’s class offers complete preparation for hospital, birth center or home birth. Specific topics addressed include: stages of labor, anatomy and physiology of birth, coping with labor, comfort measures, partner support, decision-making during labor, and what to expect in the hours after birth. 
Get the skills you need to cope with labor from a place of empowerment and trust.
This class is held in a weekend format, perfect for those who come from out of town as well as local families.

Community is created here! MAIA childbirth class participants continue to meet for years to come.

Location:  Loving Arms Childbirth Services
828 San Pablo Ave, Suite 110  Albany, CA 94706

Location:  Community Birth Center
2422 W. Florence Ave.  Los Angeles, CA 90043

Location:  Loving Arms Childbirth Services
828 San Pablo Ave, Suite 110  Albany, CA 94706

Location:  Loving Arms Childbirth Services
828 San Pablo Ave, Suite 110  Albany, CA 94706

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  1. brilliant idea!
    Do you have a course so I can teach in GA?
    Lynn Reed

    1. Thank you for your note! You can contact MAIA Midwifery directly to ask if they travel with their courses or have offerings by Webinar. Contact them at